Hi, my name's Abigail. My blog is mostly 5SOS but there are other bands like ATL, Bastille, Green Day etc. Sometimes the occsional fandom. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave
I got a little carried away with the stickers...

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Video day ☺️

Oh my god stop you’re too pretty

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Yoooooo, so I just reached 1,100 followers so I decided to make a follow forvever bc people. (I was meant to do this at 1,000 but I suck so yeah)

I love you guys so much :)

Special People:

LUCY nashton-x  - I don’t really need to say much bc I literally tell you on a daily basis but I love you dude and you know I’m always gonna listen to your problems bc you cope with mine and you mean so much to me I mean we’ve been best friends for like 12 years I think that says enough.

ASH cosycalum - We hardly talk any more and that sucks so much but you’re still up here bc come on best secret santa ever. I’ll always remember meeting you at ATL and how you refuse to admit you were drunk (you so were)

Hannah rhubarbandcastardis - Hannakin wow. I still remember in year 7 when you knew my time table and I didn’t (so disorganised) bc I sucked and my birthday card that’s up on my wall. You are so cool dude like wow so edgy swag broski. Yolo

Ella ohthejoysofbeingme - YOU HARDLY EVER USE YOUR TUMBLR MAN THAT SUCKS but love you forever tuck shop buddy, gurdy gurdy my man, gurdy gurdy. And Nic Cage. Can’t forget Nic Cage.

Rosie (YOU CHANGED YOUR URL HOW COULD YOU) - My brosef. You just make me thin of Scooby Doo and our cool TV show idea of ‘Oh, Rosie!’. So cool, so cool. You and George will get married I am sure.

Holly death-row-darling - Home skillet and co-leader of the ratchet rat asylum. We’ll probably be split up for drama this year so have fun with Courtney ;) and btw we all know you like rusty spoons

Now for some other peeps that I don’t talk much to but still love so here we go (btw I can’t be bothered to sort them out so whoops)

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(Sorry if I haven’t tagged you this is really rushed but yeah I love you guys and I’m so sorry if iv’e forgotten anyone. I mean you van tell how quickly iv’e made this from the crappiness of the edit)

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5 Seconds of Summer in Manchester.

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Oh my god 1,100 followers holy crap thank you guys so much

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Guess what idiot just wiped their phone

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I mean come on my dancing is on point badasshood

Oh my lord how could you put this on the internet

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LISTEN HERE PUNK i rlly like your hair and ur taste in music is pretty cool too do u want to be friends

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Luke talking about Ashton’s new glasses. 12/9

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